Sunday, March 20, 2011

March of Dimes silent auction table!

Hi folks!

My sweet friend Sia Mayorga is throwing a huge fund raiser for the March of Dimes with 100% of the proceeds going to the Southeastern division of the March of Dimes.  You can visit her facebook page for more details . Along with fabulous food (Gibbs Efting Management Corporation) and live music by Live Bait there will be a silent auction with GOBS of great stuff from 50 local sponsers.  Please come join the party on Saturday, April 16th from 2-6.  Tickets are $20 and KIDS ARE FREE!  Tickets include food, beer wine, entertainment and the chance to win awesome door prizes! Y'all, I went last year and it was a blast!

For the auction I painted this side table (sorry, no before pics!) white and then glazed it with blue.  I found these gorgeous pulls and here it is!  If you'd like it....come to the event and BID!!!!



Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Garden

Here is a great idea for an old planter you may have.  I spray painted mine, filled it with spring flowers, ivy and store bought moss.  I added a couple of birds that I have around the house and DONE!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sistershablu embellishes a china cabinet!

Yesterday while I was painting sistershablu's entertainment center she was working hard on her china cabinet. The consensus was that it couldn't be worse.  That's pretty drastic BUT sistershablu hated this piece so she picked up a brush and got to it.  She started with a coat of taupe then went back and added a glaze.  Then she lightly distressed it and just felt it wasn't right SO she grabbed the mouse sander and went crazy.  The outcome is AMAZING!!!!!!  Then, in typical sistershablu fashion, she embellished it! With seashells!  

Y'all, it's flawless!!!



Saturday, March 12, 2011

A new look for my sister's entertainment center!

Sistershablu and I were very busy today giving her living room new life!  It was toooo fun.  These pictures aren't perfect!  I keep swearing that I'm going to stop using my i touch to take pics but I just always have it on me!  Better pics will be posted soon but here is a peek at what we accomplished!  Just wait until you see the curio cabinet sistershablu did!!!  Pics coming soon.



Friday, March 11, 2011

A desk for my nephew!

Howdy!  My nephew has been begging me to paint him a desk so here's what I did.  The desk was an absolute mess before!  All I did was take two cans of satin black spray paint and sprayed.  I was sure to use very light coats but I applied about 3 coats.  I started with the desk upside down so I could fully cover the legs.  I sprayed the hardware turquoise, and when I was putting the drawer pulls back on decided to only replace the pull part and not the decorative back.  I think it looks soooo darling and he is sooooo proud!  Anyone can do this EASY furniture makeover so GET TO WORK!




Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ECU room re-do!

Last night my brother-in-law (Mr. ECU) came over to my house and took dibs on the new china cabinet I purchased on C-list.  I hesitantly surrendered it to him for his home office and after shedding a few tears (I looooved this cabinet) decided exactly what I wanted to do with it.  Mr. ECU definitely wanted the cabinet to hold his TV and the drawers and cabinets to be used for storage (something greatly lacking in the office).  We decided to take off the upper glass doors and the frame that held them up to so you could see the Pirate purple shelves. I painted the outside black and added purple detailing and the inside is PURRRRRPLE!  I also took his current coffee table and painted it purple and black.

Mrs. ECU and I took over and completely redecorated this room and made their space a place where Mrs. ECU can have quiet time and Mr. ECU can work without clutter.  Y'all, I cannot believe we didn't get a before of this office.  This was sooooooo much fun!

This is the before picture of the china cabinet.  Did I mention how beautiful this would have been in my house painted white with light blue on the inside?!?!?

These are the after pictures of the room!!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pillows by the sea!

I'm working on four of these slipcovers for a friend who wants to have a new look in her living room.  I loooove them and like all new fabrics I discover I'm thinking of redecorating MY house around them.  Such fantastic colors!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh my! I'm kinda freaking. I LOVE THIS SKIRT!!!!

Check out the new skirt.   It feels so great on I can't believe it!

This is the back.  It has a tie you can knot or tie into a bow.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blue Dresser

Well, at least I think it's a dresser!  It has a movable shelf in the upper compartment so you could stack clothes or use it as a TV chest.  The outside I painted light blue then distressed.  The inside of the drawers and cabinet are painted "pool blue".  It turned out really sweet!  This piece is for sale.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Turquoise Bird Chair

I am super excited about how the chair turned out!  My Aunt Melanie gave me this vintage fabric last week and I immediately knew what I wanted to do.  I decided not to distress it at all so it has a crisp look.  Ahhhhh.  I love it!