Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Baptism

This picture was taken at my Baptism
at Port City Community Church on
February 6, 2011.
I went to my first Christian retreat this weekend and it was amaaaazing!  I was completely frightened of what I had gotten myself into as Lisa (who insisted I go with her) and I were pulling into the retreat center parking lot.  I was simply not prepared for the blessing God had in store for me.  I spent 24 hours with the most real, kind, hysterical and cool women I have been around in a long time.  As a new Christian I am still weary (absolutely terrified) of the stereotypes that quite honestly kept me from ever wanting to live a Christ centered life.  If I could share one thing I've learned about my new life (and was unexpectedly confirmed this weekend) it would be that focusing on the hypocrites and all the negative things about Christianity is a waste of time.  Look at the women in your life who truly inspire you.  Look at the mama who truly adores parenthood, the girl who arrives at every function with a smile on her face that's contagious, your girlfriend who has cancer and is drawn closer to the Lord everyday, your Grandmother.  These are the women who inspire me and THE common denominator, whether it makes sense to me some days or not, is a strong faith in Christ.  I always thought Christianity was about rules and shame and restrictions.  Y'all Christianity has opened me up to a life of hope, joy and love like I never knew existed.

Thank you to Ann, Christie and Nicole for this event.  It was too much.

The link below is to my baptism video.  I want to share it on my blog because I want to express how FREEING having Christ in your life is.  All you have to do is receive him

Click Here to view my Baptism video



  1. Sweet Carrie!! I LOVE this picture! I have tears in my eyes because I see the joy that has been washed over you! Oh...precious girl! Just loved meeting you and that adorable sister of yours! I see a roadtrip to NC for a photoshoot and food(!!) and fellowship this summer!! Your kitchen is just gorgeous! Love your work--that table for the auction is just my style! HOpe you have a beautiful day and that GOd blesses you with surprises in your garden this morning.
    Love you!

  2. Oh my goodness. I am SO grateful I found your post this afternoon. This is absolutely beautiful! You blew me away with this remark:

    "I always thought Christianity was about rules and shame and restrictions. Y'all Christianity has opened me up to a life of hope, joy and love like I never knew existed."

    The love of Christ is just pouring out through you! He came to set us free, not to bind us with rules and shame and restrictions! I am so excited for your new life of freedom in Him!!

    I will definitely be keeping up with your blog.


  3. Carrie - absolutely beautiful. I'm touched.

  4. Carrie- I am so sad I haven’t seen this before! TJ just emailed it to me. I LOVE IT! I am so thrilled for you. TJ and I both knew we could have spend a week or more with you two--just hearing your stories but I had no idea you were a “new” sister. We would have loved to have heard you tell us this in person- and I know you would have, had there been the time. Your story is wonderful-- keep telling it!!

  5. aww, Carrie. Welcome, Sweet Sister-Friend! I think you're adorable, so you can only imagine what our Jesus thinks of you! May He continue to Bless your walk! Love ~ Jo