Friday, August 19, 2011

A day of thrifting and inspiration!

Today I had the pleasure of taking one of my dear friends on a thrifting trip.  She was in need of new office furniture, and I was thrilled to help spend money that wasn't mine :) !  We found great stuff for her office and I saw an item that I just kept returning to.  I was inspired by a pinterest post recently and here's what I did.

Galvanized Steel Bowl ($1 Woot!)

Hanging, Magnetized Make-Up Display 

Admittedly, it's a bit silly!  It is however fun, different and convenient.  Particularly because maniac #2 loves to use my eyeliner to write on his face.  Now the cosmetics are up and out of the drawer.  I used about two small magnets (from the WalMart craft center) per item.  I also grabbed the small magnetic tins you see in the pic and hung the bowl with twine.  I'm pretty sure Frenchy thinks I've lost it.  I have no comment.

Lastly here's my vanity that's now painted blue.  I have disliked the white since I painted it.  Now I just need to paint the walls a super light blue or simple white.  I'm currently praying for more time in my days...



The Shabby Nest

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